It’s all started from here 5 years ago ✨✨✨

5 years ago I started to research and mix some oils together to find out the benefits.

At first, I was a little reluctant to use it on all my Clients, so I selected few individuals – especially those with excessively dry hair.

Low and behold they were all coming back to ask me the type of treatment I used on their hair!

I told them it’s my double dose moisture of the 28magic experience 😁.

To be honest with you guys, a staff I employed last year confronted me about this oil and said this is the best oil she has ever used for hot oil treatment “Adeline why don’t you bottle it and sell it so others so they can benefit from this” as she too was desperate to get her hands on it.

I was too busy to listen to her as I had tonnes of clients to cater for, but the lockdown changed the whole game, my clients’ hair depended on me.

During the lockdown my clients started calling me, asking me what do I use on their hair as they couldn’t get their hair to feel the same way it felt when they were at the salon. So I started sending them this oil and told them I used it to pre-poo their hair, I sometimes used it for double dose treatment and also I used it to top up moisture and seal the moisture in their hair before styling.

The feedback was crazy, my clients were over the moon to see the magic effects the oil was hanging on their hair, while they were dealing with it at home. The oil made their wash-day so easy and also left their hair lush even after using cleansing shampoo.

For most of you that have been buying this oil even before we bottled it, we appreciate you. For many of you that believe in me thank you. For many of you that have been so supportive to help me grow this new baby of mine, you guys are amazing.

Please continue to pre-order the hair oil. It will be back in stock by next week. The scalp and beard oil are back in stock!

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