Let me tell you a little about our products.

1.100ml – Hair oil. This is to top up your moisturizing spritz and also seal your moisture in.

The ingredients have been carefully selected to penetrate and do what it says on the bottle.

It’s amazing for DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR.

It can be used for your
1. pre-poo poo
2. Hot oil treatment
3. Moisturising and sealing needs
4. Spritz every day for moisturisation
And much more….

2. 50ml – Scalp oil. This is to Rejuvenate and stimulate your scalp, this will dilate your arteries which allows for a steady flow of oxygen to your hair follicles, therefore, providing much needed blood supply to promote hair growth

It’s amazing on DRY SCALP, DANDRUFF, ALOPECIA, BALD PATCHES and many more scalp conditions.

Apply a generous amount on your scalp and massage for about 2 to 5 minutes

3. BEARD OIL – This amazing HYDRATING product that minimises your beard frizz, this product will leave your beard feeling soft and smooth to the touch.

Always apply a generous amount to your beard immediately after a shower or dampening of your facial hair.

All our products are VEGAN FRIENDLY and HALAL.